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The Goths Discovered Brown!

Snagged from athelind...

One of these days I need to rant about steampunk. I feel sorta like Auntie Mame: "I turned him down so many times when I was rich, I couldn't very well accept him when I was poor." Steampunk and I have been in the same room not talking to each other since I was a kid (see also my deep-seated but rarely-mentioned enthusiasm for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Wild, Wild West) ... and suddenly now it's popular. Does my work on the Technomancer's Toybox count as putting me on the forefront of steampunk? ;)

I fully expect some other thing I've always quietly liked but never much talked about (say, the American Revolutionary period) to suddenly become huge. I just wish I knew which of the many things in that category it was, so I could jump on and be ahead of the curve.

-The Gneech
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