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What! Monday AGAIN???

Well that was a short weekend, cripes! I have no memory of Friday night at all; Saturday morning was spent shopping and running errands, and the afternoon and evening were taken up by prep and playing of Gamma World.

Sunday was spent on more errands, followed by an evening of work on a prop for my Halloween costume. The evening was rounded off by watching the first episode of Sherlock on PBS, which was pretty good as things which aren't Doctor Who go. ;)

Almost no work on comics got done by me, although Sue and Richard are banging away on NeverNever. I hope to make up some slack on that this week: if all goes well, I shall have the first issue of the new comic completely written and get at least one page of art finished. I also need to follow up on the printer for Childproof, who seems to think "no news is good news" — not an attitude I approve of.

Ah well, time to put my nose to the grindstone, I guess. Now where did I leave it?

-The Gneech
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