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Some Random Blogginess (Rally to Restore Sanity, + NPR Hates Steampunk)

As most of the folks reading my journal prolly know, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had their "Rally to Restore Sanity"/"Keep Fear Alive" event downtown on Saturday, and it was a huge success. laurie_robey and I didn't attend ourselves, but provided some dinner for confusedoo after the event and he related some of his thoughts and impressions.

Today, the Overthinking It blog has an interesting article about it, including a YouTube video of Stewart's excellent keynote speech. It's a bit on the "tl;dr" side, as is everything from Overthinking It (it's pretty much their shtick, really), but if you've got the time and the mental bandwidth, I heartily recommend it. If nothing else, watch the keynote speech. It's good stuff. :)

I think my favorite sign of the ones I've heard about was, "I made a sign -- and I vote!" which just edged out "You're mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it any more!" by a slim margin.

In other news, you may remember my little rant last week about "Deconstructionists." Although it's a grievance I've long held, this particular rant was triggered by a blog post that sneered at the steampunk genre basically for being fantasy with an 1800s skin rather than being All Man's Inhumanity to Man All the Time. It appears that some others share my annoyance about this particular topic. Nice to know I'm not alone!

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