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Respect For Your Opponent? (repost)

My bud hantamouse is a man who, as a rule, diligently avoids making deep pronouncements when other people might hear them. However, in this particular instance, I think he bears repeating:

Respect For Your Opponent?

Do you agree or disagree with this:
"Anyone who opposes my ideals is some degree of evil and/or stupid, therefore I do not have to respect them or their opinions."

Or how about:
"If I had the opportunity, I would impose the laws I believe in on the entire nation, even if the majority of people disagree with them."

No matter what you believe or how strongly, keep in mind that a very large portion of the country doesn't agree. Can you find it within yourself to respect that? can you support, or even seek, a solution that isn't what you really want, but most of Them can live with?

Now that the congress is split, our representatives have two choices, Compromise, or Lose.
I fully expect many of them to choose Lose, loudly and obnoxiously.

How will you choose?

Edit: It's worth noting here that on some level there has to be a fundamental willingness on both parts to live and let live. When the proposition being floated is "[group] should not be considered human beings," for instance, then compromise is not really feasible. When we're talking about things like economic policy or what to have for breakfast, compromise is just dandy.

-The Gneech



Nov. 4th, 2010 09:48 pm (UTC)
I'm okay with the legislature and the executive branch loudly refusing to compromise. I'm kinda feeling like "doing nothing" is the best thing they can do for the country anyway. No, not "nothing" is better than "compromise" but "whatever you really want to do is worse than doing nothing". On either side. O:)

That said, I'm pretty sure they'll manage to do some things anyway. That's okay, too. Usually compromise is an improvement, although in the case of the health care overhaul, I think we got the worst of both worlds. (That is, going with either what conservatives really wanted OR what liberals did would've been better. :/ )

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