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Can Haz Weekend?

I originally wrote a very whiny-sounding post and then 86'd it. Instead, I'll let this IM conversation speak for me:

(1:04 PM) graveyardgreg: Gneechers!
(1:05 PM) the_gneech: Heyas
(1:05 PM) graveyardgreg: Uh oh! You're stressed! *gets you a comfy chair*
(1:05 PM) the_gneech: Heh. How did you guess?
(1:06 PM) graveyardgreg: Because you usually respond to a greet with an !
(1:06 PM) graveyardgreg: I hope you get unstressed!
(1:06 PM) the_gneech: I just need a break, really. Hopefully weekend will do the job. Although the comfy chair helps, thanks.
(1:07 PM) graveyardgreg: Okay!

Long story short: parental health issues and lots of "taking care of stuff" has been all up in my face, and some interpersonal friction hasn't helped the situation, leaving me a bit frazzled. This morning it was to the point where I could feel myself slipping into depression, but I think I've pulled out of that particular downward spiral. If I can just get some relaxation (preferably with some cat therapy) in, hopefully it will all be better.

Weekend, come to me now!

-The Gneech
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