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Life of a Bounder Go *Poof*!

Well, that's a kick to the head ... all of my posts chronicling the life of Maedhroc Thornhollow appear to have evaporated from the LotRO blog pages as part of a site revamp. I'll have to check the RSS feed version I set up and see if I can salvage them and move them to or something.

The only reason I went to look, really, was because I was going to ruminate in my little LotRO blog about the difference between lowbie PUGs and high-level PUGs. Last night I joined a PUG to do the "Thror's Coombe dailies" in Enedwaith ... five of us total, in the form of two captains, a hunter, a burg, and myself (warden). Tanking is easy with two buffers, a CC, and one guy in the back doing DPS. ;)

Much as I like running around M-E, I am getting a bit tired of LotRO. Even the best MMO can only be so good, and the story is creaking along at a snail's pace currently, leaving me with nothing to be interested in. Deeds? A pointless endeavor. Gear? I've got stuff that works and looks good. Tourism? I've seen just about every inch of M-E that's been rendered in the game so far, except for the far corners of some of the instances. Until a new chapter of the story comes out, or at least a new quest hub appears, I'm just half-heartedly grinding Enedwaith rep because it's there. Last night's PUG run was fun purely because it was something I don't do very often. (Usually I don't have the time to get involved in a group thing by virtue of being on the east coast and needing to actually go to bed before midnight.)

Ah well ... I've got art to do for Confuzzled and that new comic ain't gonna draw itself. I'm probably better off not puttering around in a game anyway. I'm sure there'll be some new content sooner or later.

-The Gneech
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