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NEWS: Area Man Files Restraining Order Against Money He Could Be Saving By Switching to GEICO

WASHINGTON, DC: Local man and notorious weirdo John "The Gneech" Robey today went to court to request a restraining order against a wrapped packet of money with a pair of googly eyes on top, the money he could be saving by switching to GEICO.

In a statement to reporters, The Gneech was quoted, "It wasn't so bad when the Australian gecko was offering me tea and biscuits, and heck, even the caveman was okay once I got used to the smell. But now I always feel like somebody's watching me. Can I have some privacy? I always feel like somebody's watching me! Who is playing tricks on me?" The Gneech then twirled around, kicked his right foot spasmodically into the air and pulled his fedora down over his eyes, adding, "HOO!"

The money Gneech could be saving by switching to GEICO declined to comment.
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