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Further Confusion 2011

Well, by the end it was turning into a sleep-depping haze of surreality, but FC was fun and profitable -- more fun than profitable, but of the two the fun is a lot more important. :) The flight out Thursday was largely a blur of Phoenix Wright (oh, Edgeworth, you're so bishy!), and then the rest of the con went by so fast I barely had time to stop and take a breath. I didn't get as many art requests as I expected, and I was surprised at just how many people who came by had never heard of Suburban Jungle. I sorta had the idea I'd become one of those people in the fandom that everybody knows but nobody pays attention to -- but it turns out just the opposite, I'm still obscure. Go fig!

So lesson learned here: promotion, promotion, promotion! But the good thing about that is I can fix people never having heard of me a lot easier than people having heard of me but just not giving a flap.

Sadly, this was my last con with the invaluable assistance of mammallamadevil, who is getting out of the convention biz. I don't mind telling you that I'm very nervous about the prospect of facing a table without her. The rarely-seen Mrs. Gneech (laurie_robey) will be helping at the table for Confuzzled, and at AC I'll be sharing a table with sirfox, which should be fun and demented. My con schedule after that is way up in the air at the moment.

My biggest seller at this con? The "Token Straight Guy" button. Make of that what you will!

-The Gneech :cool:
Tags: comics and art, conventions, furry, suburban jungle
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