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Not Exactly a Workout Report, But...

Instead of going to the gym, this is what I've been doing all week:

Video not by me, but I've reached comparable scores (and look very similar in freestyle!). I've managed to 5-star the hard mode on "Poker Face" — it's the easiest song in the game, but 5-starring it is still not too shabby IMHO. ;)

So far I haven't hard-moded any of the other songs yet, although I've beat a handful on "medium" and several on "easy." It's a fun game — doubly so now that we've mounted the Kinect sensor to the wall above and behind the TV, and it can actually see most of the room (unlike our initial setup, which tended to chop us off at the neck).

Only problem is it makes my feet hurt. I'm wondering if I need new sneaks.

Tags: dance!, ddr, workout
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