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A Political Struggle

As has been announced for a few days now, apparently Gore heard me, and I am grateful to him.

However, having said that, I wish the democrats could nominate somebody who didn't make me paranoid so I could vote against Bush next time around. I'm not real fond of him, either.

If the dems nominate another bozo this time around ("Hey, how about Hillary!"), then I'm definitely voting for Harry Browne in 2004 ... even if he doesn't run again.

Of course, being in Virginia, I could vote whacko liberal and it wouldn't change the way the state went. I'd say Jefferson would be rolling in his grave about the state of the country he worked so hard to found, except that I suspect he had given up on it already before his death. And if he hadn't, surely he did after the Civil War.

-The Gneech
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