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John "The Gneech" Robey

My Hobbittey Warden

After trying a half-dozen various alts, I didn’t think I’d ever be as interested in any character as much as my main (Galadhalion, elf champion), but as it turns out, I find myself more and more eager to play my little hobbittey warden, Maedhroc.

This surprised me, because my first reaction to the warden was mostly indifference, tempered with a bit of annoyance that 300 seemed to be more on the developers’ minds than, y’know, Lord of the Rings. (I won’t rant about my reaction to Rune Keepers here, or at least not right now. Suffice to say, they are a serious detriment to the game and should be removed or at least retooled immediately.)

But then I had a minor epiphany. “Warden = Gil-Galad!” Suddenly, the class worked for me. And with that epiphany, I went back and revisited my lowbie warden. I had intended to make him a dwarf, but for some reason the devs decided dwarves couldn’t be wardens. Go fig. So I’d made him a hobbit, because the idea of a ferocious little kick-butt hobbit appealed to me. “Bullroarer Reborn, that’s me!”

I discovered, upon playing him a bit, that I was having a great time. What’s more, I was having a much better time with him than I was with my other “primary alt,” a hobbit minstrel whom I wanted to be enjoying but just wasn’t. So I transferred a few bits of choice gear (and the only cosmetic outfit I’ve found that seems to really suit an adventuring hobbit) to Maedhroc, and started playing him in earnest.

And? Well, he’s just plain fun. :) He’s quite durable, which is a nice change from my paper-grenade Champion, but requires a bit more attention to play and has more interesting (to me) mechanics than the minstrel did. And for whatever reason, his little round shield and beat-up Saxon-style helmet just create a sense of character that I never could quite grok with the Min.

Will he eventually become my main? That I’m not sure of. There are times when I’m just in an “Elf Champion”-ish sort of mood, and Galadhalion certainly has a sense of epic grandeur that Maedhroc doesn’t. But for the first time, I think I’ve found an alt that may give him a run for his money!

-The Gneech

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