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Emerging Into the Sunlight

Can a death be "sudden" when you've been expecting it any day for three years? He went in the hospital Wednesday and was gone by Friday morning; basically his body just decided it was time to go and shut down. The time since then, for me at least, has been a blur of taking care of things, scanning photos of my dad, and then signing on to LotRO and grinding mindless tasks to keep myself occupied until the next thing pops up.

As I mentioned before, the kind words from all are very much appreciated. Emotionally, however, I'm all right. My family tends to be a pretty philosophical bunch, and I processed most of my grief about the realization of my dad's mortality long ago. He had a long life and he declared it a good one; we'll all miss him, of course, but he would want us to remember the happiness he gave us over the years, and that's what I intend to do.

There are still a few more steps to take before the journey is over; there's the visitation tonight and the funeral tomorrow. I intend to say a few words and I expect I'll be a pallbearer again. But life also carries on ... I have projects with deadlines that got pushed back by losing the weekend, and Mrs. Gneech and I are in the office today to try to keep from getting too snowed under.

By the end of the week, life will be strangely back to normal. My dad will be gone, yes, but also gone will be the constant dread of seeing my parents' names on Caller ID and wondering if this is THE call.

-The Gneech
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