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More Warden <3

Something struck me tonight; it was the first time I’d played much with “recklessness” on and I found that it reminded me of the good times I’d had as a Champion — except not so squishy! It’s certainly not something I’ll want to do when operating as the main tank, but it was mighty fun for grinding out old quests and medium hides. :) Other times, I’ve found myself sneaking like a burglar, soaking it up like a guard, or pelting things from afar like a hunter. So many different options!

I think one of the things I like best about the Warden as I progress is this “little bit of everything” hybrid feel. A little stealth when that’s needed, a little mobility when that’s needed, and so on. The Warden has such a wider “tool box” at their disposal than other classes, that if you get stuck somewhere there’s always another approach to try. Need an item from the back of a camp, but don’t want to slaughter your way through? Slip in, grab it, run like the dickens! :D Need ten boar stomachs? Find a camp of boars and either pick ‘em off with ambushes or turtle up and let ‘em come at you in a rush!

(Being a hobbit helps with the sneaking of course. ;) But even without the racial stealth, Careful Step can be remarkably useful for things other than just setting up an ambush.)

-The Gneech

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