John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
John "The Gneech" Robey

Into the Fire (So to Speak)

My first ever raid and it was to support a group 12-manning the Rift balrog with a bunch of level 60s.

Not running the rift generally, mind you, but jumping straight to the balrog and going to town.

After I’ve spent the past five months playing my Warden almost exclusively, one of the Valar Guild leaders asked me to dust off my Champion and jump straight to the balrog.

Yikes. 0.o

FWIW, we won. :) Galadhalion now has the Rift set shoulders. :D

-The Gneech

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Tags: life of a bounder (lotro), lotro, maedhroc
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