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Oof. What a Day!

I mentioned, I seem to recall, how exhausted I was after this past weekend ... this morning, I decided I just plain couldn't cope with 6 a.m. and Laurie went on in to work without me ... on the promise that I'd be up and running if she came back to pick me up at lunch time.

It was nice to operate on my own pace for a few hours, and I really needed it. After a liesurely shower, I indulged in a bit of what so far is my fave Xmas present, FREEDOM FORCE! Quite goofy, but fun nonetheless. :) At some point, I'll have to see if I can come up with DangerMan.

But alas, all good things must end, at 10:45 I received a call that wonky things were happening with the NIMH site, and so they were.

And so they still are. After fighting with the problem all day, not only could I not fix it, but I found a hitherto-undiscovered but potentially bad bug buried elsewhere on the site! This, I am sad to say, is a direct result of my relative inexperience with Cold Fusion, combined with trying to hit a moving target of ever-changing client requests and shoddy QA testing.

I have an idea on how to fix the problem ... it basically involves using a more object-oriented approach to the site structure. Right now, the same page which determines the contents of the shopping cart, also takes the user data. I'm going to break this into two separate chunks. And then once that's fixed, I still have to fix this dumb Netscape 4.x bug -- because one of the 15 people on the internet who still uses Netscape 4.x, is the Project Officer for this contract. :P

So tomorrow is going to be another Code Day In HellTM. Oh well, that's why they pay me the Bucks That Aren't As Small As the Ones They Used To. ;) I'll find a solution to all this; I'm not worried about that. It's just a matter of how much of my hair I'm going to tear out in the meantime.

No kung fu tonight; I'd actually made that decision before discovering that I was going to have to work late. There's no class on Wednesday either; however, I'll go to a make-up session on Friday, and try to do some stance practice and stretches around the house sometime tomorrow.

There's also a little matter of strips for the rest of the week, which I haven't even figured out what to do about. Since the plan is to do Xmas with the jamesbarret / HantaMouse / Mütti household tomorrow night, there's not going to be much time for a strip. Maybe I'll put up the Comfort Xmas card image for Wednesday. That would give me a little room to get the rest of the week and next week figured out.

Hmm ... I'm liking that idea... :)

-The Gneech
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