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Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!

Second session of Ghostbusters down this evening; I'll write it up tomorrow if I get the opportunity. The players did a bang-up job (or at least a slime-up job) and a good time was had by all. They also skipped ahead a bit in their deciphering of the larger plot, but as this is a "voraciously eat the plot" group, I'm not entirely surprised. All the clues were there waiting to be found, and they have become quite good at looking for patterns, even when given three very different cases to find the connections in.

Of course, that just means I'll have to crank up the difficulty a bit more... *evil chuckle*

Incorporated some rules from the second edition ("Ghostbusters, International"), particularly the "Universal How-Much (UHM)" system. Didn't incorporate the "movement hexes" or "equipment hands" rules, mainly 'cause they're sorta pointless things tacked on, by designer admission, because people kept asking for them, not because the designers thought they were actually a good idea. UHM System works well and still moves nice and fast, although ghosts need to be more durable generally, or need to come in bigger groups, one or the other. An average ghost with an Ectopresence of 5-8 is gonna go down in a single round if two or more Ghostbusters land a good hit on it -- especially if those Ghostbusters have chosen "Fire Proton Pack" as their Moves talent.

-The Gneech
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