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The WHEE! Hours

8:30 a.m. local time, 3:30 a.m. my native time, last day of the con, fourth day of the trip, brain seriously fuzzy.

Will try to actually get out to Manchester some today, as this afternoon is otherwise a big, empty block. I have to ship home the stuff that didn't sell (post-con analysis to follow later, when I have more brain), so I'm hoping I can get a lift to the post office by somebody in con ops.

Seriously jonesin' for a trip to Starbucks. ;P Drinking Coca-Cola to avoid caffiene withdrawal; it's made with actual sugar over here, which is better than the muck at home, but it still drives home how right I was to stop drinking the stuff. Mmm, carbonated battery acid!

Caught the last few minutes of Doctor Who the other night, in between events ... so now I can say I've watched the Doctor on the BBC. I didn't hide behind the couch, as the couch was against the wall and I was actually lying on it at the time anyhow.

Oh! I should mention the art auction last night. I didn't have any pieces in the art show, but I did submit a NeverNever book bundle for charity, and the con submitted a large and very nice print of the Al Capone piece I did for the conbook. In order to crank up the bidding a bit, I also added a commission and another commission and such, and eventually the two lots went for over £900 -- roughly $1500 to the con charity (an otter preservation fund). That was very flattering, as you might imagine, although I have a sneaky suspicion it was more an excuse to give lots of money to the charity than any real reflection on me. ;) But I'm more than fine with that. :)

So now I'm lurking in the bar, waiting for the feedback session at 10:00 ... it's comforting to see people wandering around just as bleary as I am, even if it's 'cause they were up all night partying, rather than jet lag. ;)

-The Gneech
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