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FC2012 ... Should I or Shouldn't I?

Okay, I'm really having trouble deciding if I should go to Further Confusion this year, especially after an 8-hour flight and less-than-stellar sales at CFz. (Nothing against the CFz folks, they're all awesome! But I'm just not the rising star I used to be.)

The pros for going are: I'd get to see friends I don't often get to see, I will have the SJ 10-year books by then, which hopefully would generate some interest and sales, and if it goes well I'll get a post-con bounce of creative energy.

The cons for going are: it's a pricey trip, I'm really skating on thin ice with vacation time, it's a 5-hour flight, my sales have been sluggish for a while now and I have no reason to think this might change, without a business partner, running a table is very difficult for me, and if it doesn't go well I might end up depressed.

As you can see, it's a tough choice! So time to do what everybody making a tough decision does: poll the internet!

What do you think, LJ peeps?

Poll #1741664 Should Gneech Go to FC2012?

Should Gneech Go to FC2012?

Absolutely! I'll be crushed if you don't!
Yes! I want to get the new SJ books!
Yes, I'd say so.
Probably not. It's a 5-hour flight and you don't do the sales you used to.
No. Free up the space for somebody else.
Absolutely not! Why would you?
What is FC2012?
Who are you, again?

Input welcome and desired! What do you think?

-The Gneech
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