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Awesome Fans Are Awesome

Wow, you guys act fast! In just a hair over 24 hours, No Predation Allowed has been completely funded!

You people are way too good to me, you know that, right? I’m all verklempt now!

Kyyanno topped it off — but I also want to toss some big ol’ shout-outs here to Redkam, Jaded, “Jeff” (is that you, BJ?), Kagur, Stuart (is that you, Arakin?), Kenster, Huskyteer, Klepsie, LKCMSL, Canis Rufus, and Kindar. You all rock like Gibraltar! I am very grateful to you all!

The project will still be open for funding for another, what, 28 days now? So anybody and everybody who still wants in is welcome and desired. :) You can think of it as a pre-order if you like — the books are definitely coming by the end of June in any case.

Thanks again, everybody. :) You just made my year.

-The Gneech

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