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Why Vince Should Totally Be on Twitter

@graveyardgreg: Let the experiment begin!

@the_gneech: @graveyardgreg Oh, that looks dodgy. O.o

@graveyardgreg: @the_gneech It does? I thought it looked like a can!

@the_gneech: @graveyardgreg It can look like a can and look dodgy at the same time. That just makes it a dodgy-looking can. #KnowingIsHalfTheBattle

@graveyardgreg: @the_gneech It has yet to dodge my grip. Your logic? FLAWED.

@the_gneech: @graveyardgreg DODG-y, adj.: (Chiefly British) Risky; hazardous; chancy. #ReadABook

@graveyardgreg: @the_gneech I only listen to AMERICAN definitions, mister!

@the_gneech: @graveyardgreg Don't get your knickers in a twist.

@graveyardgreg: @the_gneech Yessir. *goes to eat his fish and chips*

@the_gneech: @graveyardgreg If only ol' Vincey were around for this stuff. He'd be having a ball.

@graveyardgreg: @the_gneech But he's not, and we are all the more poorer for it.

-The Gneech
Tags: silly stuff, the internet is forever
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