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Adding Bits and Pieces

Most of the rest of the GB uniform is now on its way. Compared to the proton pack, the rest of the suit is simplicity itself, as most of the items are off-the-rack military surplus! A few of the more obscure bits were provided by GBFans, and I'm going to raid hantamouse's hoard of electronics bits for the "belt gizmo." I also need to hit Home Despot for belt clips and a tape gun holster (to hold the gizmo).

Going with the proton pack from the game opens up some flexibility for me -- instead of being a "retro recreation" suit, this will be a more contemporary thing. Surely as ghostbusting has evolved over the past thirty years, the equipment will have done so as well. So I'm not real worried about making an exact reproduction of the belt gizmo, so much as something that works as a modern analogue. I used to have a bunch of old, dead video cards -- I might use one of those as the base.

The last piece that will then need to fall into place are the goggles; I don't plan to have a PKE meter or trap as part of the ensemble (although I might add a PKE meter later if the opportunity presents itself). Like the proton pack, I'll probably get goggles from eBay, as my own crafty chops are probably not up to the task. The belt gizmo, I can probably do myself.



Jun. 8th, 2011 04:27 pm (UTC)
Actually, I heard the goggles aren't that hard, get a welding mask, some old camera lenses (maybe check a local camera shop to see if they have any they couldn't fix and about to throw out) and attach.

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