John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
John "The Gneech" Robey

Costume Failure #1 -- Anybody Want a 2x Flight Suit?

Flight Suit, Khaki, 2xWell, I've hit the first significant setback of the GB uniform which is: military flight suits apparently run two sizes smaller than the rest of the universe.

Specifically, I bought a 2x flight suit, as pictured here ... and it would be a terrific fit for somebody 6" tall and 180-250 lbs. Unfortunately, I'm both taller and heavier, and so while I can technically get the thing on, doing so requires breaking one elbow to get my arm completely behind my back, leaving the zipper open to just over my navel, and coping with the second-worst wedgie I've ever experienced.

So, yeah ... time for a new flight suit. Fortunately, I've found the one place in the universe that has khaki in 4x and so a replacement is on the way (my other choices were either khaki 3x, which is a risky bet sizewise, or navy 4x, which would work for a Ghostbusters II uniform, but I'm trying to stick with a more classic look). Unfortunately, the place I bought the 2x from doesn't take returns.

So I'm offering to anybody out there who might be interested: one khaki flight suit, size 2x, in new condition with all tags still attached, for $15 + shipping ($5 US, $10 abroad), to try to cut my losses a little. If you're of the right size and looking for a good start to your Ghostbusters uniform (or just want a very comfy outfit to perform janitorial duties in), just let me know! :)

If I don't get any nibbles within the next few days, I'll toss it up to eBay.

EDIT: Looks like Yippee got dibs. Sorry!

-The Gneech
Tags: ghostbusters
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