John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
John "The Gneech" Robey

This Chick Is Toast! Part Two.

(Or, "What's a Nice Ghoul Like You Doing In a Place Like This?")

The day following the GBs' various trips down into the metro tunnels was quiet and uneventful, which was a nice change considering. Unfortunately, it wouldn't stay that way. Sometime after midnight, they were jolted out of their beds by the phone ringing. Lola answered it and heard a man's voice: "Ghostbusters! Help me! It's my wife -- my dead wife! She's trying to get in the house! She's got an army of -- they're all dead! Oh God, they're smashing in the windows! Clarkswood Drive, number -- AGH!" There was a clatter like a dropped phone, several indistinguishable sounds, something that might have been shotgun blasts followed by some loud crashing noises, and then silence -- but no "click" of a phone being hung up.

As might be expected, the GB threw on their gear and jumped into the Ecto. Calling up Clarkswood drive on the GPS showed what they all at least partially suspected -- that it was not far away from the Great Falls Memorial Gardens. (Charley: "Ah, good, that means I don't have to dig her back up myself.") Speeding out there, they detected strong readings very similar to those they'd originally seen associated with Vanity Duchesne, but somewhat altered and stronger. The first house they came upon had smashed windows and lights on, but door hanging open. Going inside, they found pictures of Vanity Duchesne and a man they assumed to be her widower. There was slime residue all over the place, shotgun blast holes in the walls, and the dropped phone on the floor -- but no sign of Mr. Duchesne.

Fearing the worst, the GB went back out into the neighborhood and followed the PKE readings to the next house over eastward, which they found to be surrounded by zombies (presumably raised from the cemetery as Vanity returned from her own grave) bashing on the house and chanting "Hungry ... hungry...". Obviously this couldn't stand, so the GB creeped as close to the house as they could, and then started blazing away with their proton packs. Their efforts were gratifyingly rewarded with zombies exploding in bursts of slime, but there were so many zombies closing in on them that it quickly became dicey. The situation went from bad to worse when they noticed that at least two of the zombies were not actually dead, but were living teenagers, presumably inhabitants of the house, who had been possessed and were shambling and moaning in zombie-fashion.

Things went from worse to, uh, worserer, when floating zombie Vanity Duchesne came wafting out via an upstairs veranda and began giving twisted versions of the charity pitches she had been so famous for in life: "Won't you help me feed the hungry?" and "Your small contribution today could *licks lips* FEED HUNDREDS..." They also spotted the zombified Mr. Duchesne lurking in the upstairs of the house. When Vanity summoned her familiar ghostly yap-dogs and piles of bitey skulls, the fight really got hairy.

Fortunately, Bruno was wielding the remaining Mk II proton pack (the other one, alas, was stolen by the mole-men when they captured Charley) and so could use the slime-blower on the zombified teens. This freed the teens, but also revealed the Class V half-torso vapors that had possessed them, who then began using their poltergiesty powers to toss Bruno and/or his proton pack around the battlefield. Lola assisted him as best she could with that, while Charley got himself dragged inside the house, where the mom of the household (also zombified) and zombie Mr. Duchesne waited. Charley managed to free himself of their clutches (accidentally knocking the 75+ year-old zombie Mr. Duchesne down the stairs, time for another lawsuit) and went after Vanity, where he spotted that her abilities seemed to be focused on a huge and gaudy bracelet on her arm.

Between blasting, trapping, sliming, or just-plain-punching, Bruno and Lola took care of the horrors outside and got in as well. Bruno accidentally broke zombie mom's collarbone (time for ANOTHER lawsuit), but by the end of the fight she was doused in enough positive psychomagnetheric slime not to care. All three GB found themselves doing a lot more property damage than they were hoping for (they just kept on rolling-a-ghost almost every turn!). Lola and Charley blasted Vanity to the point where she almost had her Ectopresence reduced to 0, but were then faced with the dilemma of what to do next: last time they reduced her to 0, she exploded, only to be returned to her grave. But until reduced to 0, she couldn't be trapped!

However, they also had another problem: Vanity fled into the night! The GB, now rather battered and worse for wear (especially Lola, out of brownie points and having lost several trait points from being pounded on by zombies tossed down the stairs by Vanity during the battle), nevertheless piled into the Ecto and gave chase, calling 911 to get ambulances to tend to the beat up (and slimed) bystanders, including Mr. Duchesne. Although they could probably have caught Vanity, they instead decided to follow and see where she was headed, since it was directly away from the graveyard she'd risen from. In confirmation of their suspicions, Vanity eventually landed at the Georgetown shop of Eliza Shamblan, the antiquarian whose statue of Graauuff the obscure hittite dog-god had started all of this "cursed items" business in the first place, and started trying to bash her way in.

They tossed out a trap, but as Vanity still had some of her Ectopresence, she wasn't yet trappable (and if she hadn't had any of her Ectopresence, she would have exploded again). So in a gamble, they hosed Vanity down with slime to immobilize her and then, instead of using the trap, they used a capture stream and started wrangling her around. After a few good slams against the sidewalk, Vanity's gaudy bracelet (and actually, the arm in it as well) was torn off. Once it was separated, Vanity dispersed instantly, leaving them alone on the very quiet Georgetown street at 1:30 a.m. with nothing to show but a cursed bracelet, feeling beat up but nevertheless victorious.

It was at this point that Lola's cellphone rang: on the other end was Detective Bob Johnson, who invited her nicely to come down to his office immediately for a little chat. And it was there we ended the session, to be continued later. Hopefully with Ivan's rescue from Saturn, among other things!

-The Gneech
Tags: gaming, ghostbusters
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