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Lachwen Blasts Up to 20

Last night was Instance Night with the Valar Guild, so most of the evening was spent with Maedhroc getting eaten by spiders in Helegrod. But before and after the Helegrod run, my flashy new runekeeper Lachwen reached 20th level in Bree-Land, opened up her first skirmish, and also joined her first fellowship to help a hunter take out that giant spider lurking in the back of the Old Forest.

Runekeeper tanking sounds like a terrible idea, and chances are that in harder content it probably is, but in this instance it worked well. For every large pull she plunked down Obvious Distraction (what she named her restoration stone), fired up her heals-over-time, and started blazing away. Being at level 20 while the hunter was level 18, she was out-DPSing him and so gaining all the aggro (anything she wasn't blasting was generally aggroed on the healing stone), but the combination of RK blasting plus hunter pew-pew made for super-fast kills.

Unfortunately, that's probably the last I will be able to play for the week; I have a lot of errands to catch up on, and if there's going to be any tabletop gaming this weekend, I'll need to prep for it. Then on Sunday it's podcast recording time. Alas! I just hope I can get her levelled-up and into instance content before Isengard gets out.

Speaking of Isengard and time limits, today is the last day for the Steed of Bright Days in the LotRO store, which has Lachwen a bit bummed. She has the red Isengard horse, which is pretty flashy, but she thinks the Steed of Bright Days is 20% cooler. Unfortunately, mean ol' Gneech wouldn't spend $20 of real world money on it. Still, you just know Turbine is going to keep cranking out horses as long as people keep getting excited about them, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if something just as cool didn't show up at a festival as a book reward in the not-too-distant future.

-The Gneech
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