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Look Out, She's Got An Icon!

Lachwen ShimmerlightLachwen has scored her own icon -- I think she's here for the duration. She's bugging me to give her a "Life of a Bounder"-style series of her own, but her story doesn't properly start before Rivendell at the earliest, and has little if anything to do with the Ringbearer -- which makes for a challenge. Maedhroc (whom, I notice, has not updated since Mirkwood, I need to fix that) is a Shireling himself and so has a connection to the Fellowship. Lachwen is a glamorous city-girl who would probably fit better into Waterdeep or even Ankh-Morpokh than anywhere in Middle-earth.

Not that I can't make it work, but it will certainly be different. Maedhroc's story is made up of shots I just grab from time to time as I play, but for Lachwen, I'm going to have to come up with story ideas and then get screenshots to fit. Right now I'm just trying to collect a bunch of cool ones to start, and we'll see if some plot ideas suggest themselves.

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