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I Lol'd

So yesterday, chipuni was in town on business and so laurie_robey and I went downtown to hang out with him a bit. We went to the Smithsonian Museum of American History, as none of us had been there in a long time. We checked out the Star Spangled Banner of course (still star-spangled, although no longer hanging in the gallery -- it's on display in a darkened room where it can lay flat and so avoid further damage), as well as all the trains, ships, and vintage autos.

We also spent a fair amount of time in the African American Culture section, which is near and dear to chipuni's heart. By far, the highlight of the section was this:

Rupert Garcia, 'No More O This Shit,' 1969
Rupert Garcia, "No More O' This Shit," 1969

As we were walking around, laurie_robey just sort of casually pointed this piece out, and Chip and I both nearly fell over from laughing so hard. It was a good day at the museum. :)

Eventually we said our farewells and headed home; the evening was spent back at the Hobbit Hole doing the character-building session for my Pathfinder Sandbox Game. The intro scenario I'm sending them through, Master of the Fallen Fortress, is not at all sandboxey, really, but it's just a little starter adventure to get things going and set the scene for the game while I build up materials for future installments. We've got a quirky little group going, but it looks like it should be refreshing, dorky fun.

-The Gneech
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