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The DDOS attacks that have been attempting to murder LJ have had the side-effect that my posts to haven't been propagating to LJ. So for those who only see them when they show up here...

Vaguely-Poetic Spam of the Indefinite Time Period
“No towel racks one day (or week) is over, the importance of the towel can be understood. In order to grasp the thin air only after washing your hands, please try to imagine every single time reaching for the towel. Initially embarrassed and you rack eventually towel and apparently (as a result) I understand that lack..."

Pumyra’s RP Prompts – “Beholder”
Describe your character from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know them.

Toby and I were on the road from Ost Guruth to Bree; it was a risky trip, we knew, but we had a wagon full of pristine hides and we knew the Bree auction house would get us the best price. We were almost to the Forsaken Inn, when the howling of wargs chilled our blood...


-The Gneech
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