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*cough hack splat* Oh, Gneech Must've Gone to Kung Fu

Wow, tonight's class really gave me what-for. The warm up by itself made me light-headed and I had to sit out for a while ... then I picked myself up and got back into the thick of it as best I could, doing all the evil "ab crunch" variants until my tummy muscles couldn't stand any more; this was rapidly followed by sparring/blocking practice ... and the person whose kicks I had to block had extremely bony shins.

We rounded out the class by rolling. First we just went into a regular judo-style roll ... old hat for me. (Finally, something I wasn't the lamest one in class at!) Then, she laid a sparring pad down on the mat, and we had to clear over that with our fall and then roll. Since it was all of fifteen inches or so across, that was easy.

Then she put down two.

Then three.

Then four.

Then five.

Then six.

Leaping as far as I could, I could only clear three pads, which meant for the last three jumps I was rolling on the pads themselves. They were nice and soft, but it still ain't easy to take a flying leap and land in a roll, even if you did complete a semester of judo.

So anyhow, net result:

1 bruised and tender wrist (from blocking Mr. Iron Shins)
1 slightly sore shoulder (from a not-so-hot landing)
1 aching lower back (from the same not-so-hot landing)
1 set wiped-out abs
1 set sore pecs
1 pair rattling, squooshy lungs

I'm gonna feel this tomorrow ... and feel it even more Sunday. Ouch. But I'm glad I went (take THAT, voice)! Every one of these sessions makes up for a month or two of wasted youth (in terms of physical fitness and conditioning), so I figure I'm making good time. :)

-The Gneech

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