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45 and Climbing

Lachwen hit 45 tonight, so I took her straight to the Walls of Moria instance to get her started on her first Legendary Item. Unfortunately, there's no way she can do the side-quests in the instance at that level ... the cave of wargs and half-orcs particularly are just way over her head. It has nothing to do with bravery -- it's all in the math. The game has built-in mechanics that make it functionally impossible to hurt anything 5 levels higher than you are, no matter what your stats are or how good a strategy you've got. "Oh, you hit with two attacks worth 100 points each? Well, you just thought you did. The first one just misses; the second one hits and actually does 13 points of damage instead. Now he's annoyed."

So given the choice of "get the legendary item but skip the side jobs," or "wait another week or so to get your first LI and be able to do the whole instance," I decided to just wait. Although they're much improved from their initial rules, Legendary Items are still at their heart a tiresome grind, so it's not like a couple of extra days will make much difference.

On the other hand, Lachwen did pick up her L45 class quest, which includes fetching stuff from Goblin Town, which I'm organizing a group for on Thursday anyway, so score! A few people have started making smart remarks about the fact I have a character inspired by a Pony ... well, they'll change their tune when the need healing in a hairy instance. ;P

The other big news is that canisrufus_uk was inducted into the Valar Guild last night! Congrats and welcome aboard, dude! I hope you'll like it. :)

But now... sleep!

-The Gneech
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