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Organization for Creative People

c/o Indigo, Finder of Cool Things...

Lateral Action: Organization for Creative People – Why Your Brain May Be Keeping You From ‘Getting Things Done’
"This room looks like a tornado went through! How on earth do you ever find anything in this mess?"

Sound familiar?

Most creative people have had a version of this conversation at some point in their lives, be it with a parent, a friend or partner, or a well-meaning mentor or teacher.

Invariably, the offered solution was a thorough cleaning, perhaps accompanied by a purge of the piles and a new, shiny filing system.

But what happened when the dust settled and you tried to go back to the project?

Chances are you had difficulty picking it back up. You went to pull out all the things you needed, and within hours the desk was just as covered as it had been prior to the intervention...

-The Gneech
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