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Arclight Update and Generally Gneechy Art News

I spent this week (when I could work on it) doing a complete rewrite of "chapter one" of the new comic to incorporate the new team members and generally fix the stuff that was bugging me before. I still need to do some development sketches and model sheets for the new characters (as well as the revised John Dunn), but I'm very close to getting back to doing actual pages for the comic. :)

I'm much more satisfied with this round, and I need to thank my beta-reader team, whom I've been leaning on pretty heavily during this process. You know who you are, and you rock! :D

My eventual plan is to run one page/week, which basically ends up being 4 pages/month. I probably could draw more pages in a month for a while, but I doubt I could sustain it, especially with the podcast and the collaboration with laurie_robey in the works. So what I'll probably do is crank out as many pages as I can at first in order to build up some buffer (and get practice drawing the characters), then slow down into a more sustainable pace for the long term. I'm not actually going to start posting pages to the site until I have at least twelve done (the "issue 0" story, plus a few pages in to "chapter one").

In Other Arty News...

What is up with people paying big money for commissions, and then refusing to tell me what you want? O.o The Confuzzled charity auction commisshes, the Kickstarter Project ... I've only had one person tell me specifically what he wants. My idea was to save them up and spend a weekend doing nothing but art, but as I've only gotten one actual request, I'm going to go ahead and get that done so the person doesn't end up waiting on it forever.

If you're due a commish but haven't told me what you want, please get your request to me! I don't like having these things hanging over my head. And, well, they will eventually expire. Not in the immediate future, but if I don't get a description within, say, a year of when you bought the thing, I'll just assume you didn't really want it and remove you from the queue. I've got enough psychic overhead without the baggage of unfulfilled commissions looming over me. :)

NOTE: Commissions are transferable -- if you want to give your commish to a friend or whatever, that's fine by me. Just let me know!

That's all for now. :)

-The Gneech
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