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Dragon*Con 2011 Day One

It's hard to believe that this is the same morning that started with Dasher covered in his own poop, but it turns out it is!

Hmm. Perhaps I should give that some context.

Dasher, Buddha's adopted little brother, is staying with friends while we're away. But Dasher, like many cats, hates riding in the car. I mean, he really hates riding in the car. He gets car-sick like it ain't nobody's bidness. So, thinking ourselves clever, we took him over to said freinds' house before giving him his breakfast.

To no avail. When his top half discovered that it had nothing it could purge, the bottom half went into action. In his carrier. Suffice to say, when we got there, we took him straight into the bathroom and the shower. Then I went back home and changed my shirt.

hantamouse, laurie_robey, and I piled into a taxi, and from there we piled into a plane, and it was off to Atlanta! A short MARTA ride later, and we were at the con. Hotel reg and con-badgery were both relatively quick and painless (for laurie_robey and myself at least), so we also popped in and said hello to the Emerald Rose guys at their kiosk in the Marriott and grabbed some photos of Doctors 9 and 10 for pantrhas, which we'll post later. (They're still in the camera right now.)

GOOD THING: Being eternals, laurie_robey and I went to the usual tucked-in-a-corner spot to get our badges and didn't muck about with the main reg lines. But hantamouse, as well as our former boss Dan and his wife Julie went through it and took about two hours each ... hbar98 and his wife Natasha said their time was 20 minutes. So, while not quite the "Everything is Magically Fixed!" change the con hyped it to be, the new registration is still a major improvement.

BAD THING: The Marriott has systematically removed most of the chairs from its public spaces, apparently with the idea that it will keep people from camping out in the lobby for hours on end. Anybody who knows anything about geeks and cons, go ahead and facepalm now. Anybody who has ever spent many happy hours seated in the Pulse Loft or in front of the Marriott Starbucks watching costumes go by, because there was a place you could comfortably sit out of traffic that is now gone, you may also go ahead and facepalm now. By the time we left the Marriott for dinner, with traffic still light because it's only Thursday, people were already sitting all over the floor, because there were no chairs. As geeks will do. As anybody with experience in this kind of thing could have TOLD them geeks will do. Not a good plan, Marriott!

Anyway! Dinner was very cool, our requisite trip to Durango's, although it wasn't quite up to its usual "Died and gone to Steak Heaven!" standards this time. Laurie's shrimp and grits was very good, though!

From there, we went to the Celtic Concert, where we heard "Pandora Celtica," a group new to us, and of course Emerald Rose. :) Then, back to the hotel, 'cause 2/3 of us were pooped. And the 1/3 of us who would have been happy to continue (to wit, me) was just as happy to come back, as tomorrow is going to be full of STUFF! Heck, the 3 p.m. time slot alone has 9 events in it I want to go to!


Oh! Speaking of Emerald Rose, I apparently never sent them their copies of Attack of the War-Cats! I need to fix that immedately upon getting home.

But that's it for today. G'nite, all, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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