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The Pretty-Goodest Night Ever

So we've got some pretty serious flooding here; laurie_robey and I have been fortunate enough to have only been inconvenienced by worse-than-the-already-low-standard traffic, but others have been hit much harder. This, on the heels of the earthquake and hurricanes, suggests that the powers that be are pretty annoyed with the east coast for some reason. I did ask the rain to go help out in Texas, but rain is notoriously resistant to my persuasion. ("Rain, rain go away..." never helped much when I was a kid, either.)

So most of yesterday was spent in the car. But we did eventually get home, at which point I inked half-a-page of Arclight Adventures, finished Lachwen's questing in the Flaming Deeps of Moria, and watched the season closer of MLP:FIM in anticipation of the new season coming up next week. :) So I had a pretty good night, all things considered.

The MLP:FIM season closer, "The Best Night Ever," is something of an odd duck. After referencing and building up to the Grand Galloping Gala all season, the whole episode is about what a dud the party is. This theme is reinforced by the episode opening with a huge song-and-dance production number with fireworks and choruses etc., then following that up with Pinkie Pie's less-than-successful Hokey Pokey song, and finally just falling completely apart.

I've heard grumbles that the episode is a disappointing season finale, particularly after the epic season opener, but honestly I don't think so. In fact, I think it's a pretty gutsy move. If you keep in mind that the main target audience is young girls, it's a particularly strong statement. There's a recurring theme in fairy tales, girl's stories, etc., about "their magical day," whether it's their 16th birthday, or their wedding day, or whatever, that gets built up as this huge event that can't possibly live up to the hype surrounding it. (Take a look at something like "Say Yes to the Dress" to see the weird knots this can tie women into.) Granted, I'm not an expert on lit for girls, but this is certainly the first time I've seen addressed the idea of how to cope when The Magical Day turns out to actually be crap.

This is not an issue that guys are confronted with so much, so I can see why so many bronies out there might not get so much out of the episode. But if you look at it in the correct context, it's a brilliant episode, if only for the moment when Rarity (of all ponies!) smashes the glass slipper. That right there is a stroke of genius.

-The Gneech
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