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Lachwen Decides It's Makeover Time

Big night for Lachwen tonight. With the help of some friends from the Valar Guild, she completed her L60 class quest in the 16th Hall of Moria, as well as picking up her last legendary trait and finishing a double-handful of deeds and quests in Moria. But before all of that started, she decided to celebrate having hit level 60 (the original Mirkwood expansion level cap) by getting a makeover in Lothlorien.

Lachwen's Makeover by the Elves of Lothlorien

As you can see, it's a softer, friendlier look than she was previously sporting, with flowers and highlights in her hair and an actual outfit designed by some of the finest crafters in Caras Galadhon, rather than a bunch of random pieces just tossed together. They couldn't get her to abandon the peacock color scheme, tho -- Lachwen just isn't Lachwen without the colors of the rainbow. Unfortunately, the outfit is a touch lacking in the yellow/green portion of the spectrum, so she compensated for that a bit by adding a touch of gold to her signature winged circlet.

All that said, she's still the same badass lightning girl under the skin -- some of the deeds completed involved slaying vast numbers of orcs. ;) And she hit L61 halfway through the instance run. It was actually the first time any of my characters had been through 16th Hall, despite jamesbarrett's insistence that I'd done it before. It is conceivable that one or two of my characters might have stepped in the door and I forgot it, but I would have remembered those boss fights, they were definitely new to me.

Anyway, 'twas a fun night. Alas, likely to be the last major amount of time I can spend in LotRO this week -- I've got a con coming up this weekend that I need to prep for -- but now all of the major roadblocks are overcome and when I do get to go back into the game, Lachwen can just follow the Volume II quests on through to the end, and go back to catch up with deeds and other such things later.

-The Gneech
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