John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
John "The Gneech" Robey

Workout Report 'n' Stuff

*looks around cautiously* Nothing big going on? No familial obligations, no conventions, no natural disasters?

My back's not broken again?

You mean ... I might actually be able to get to the gym on a regular basis for a while? O.o

Then it's time for a workout report!

Lower Back: 2 sets 10 reps @ 50 lbs (easy -- this needs to go up next time)
Arm Extensions: 2 sets 10 reps @ 70 lbs (medium/tough)
Upper Back: 2 sets 10 reps @ 55 lbs (medium, although I mostly felt it in my shoulders instead of my back)
Vertical Traction: 2 sets 10 reps @ 85 lbs (medium)
Shoulder Press: 2 sets 10 reps @ 40 lbs (tough)
Squat Lift: 2 sets 10 reps @ 40 lbs (medium)
Leg Press: 2 sets 10 reps @ 160 lbs (medium/tough)
Cable Cross: 2 sets 10 reps @ 45 lbs (medium)
Arm Curls: 2 sets 10 reps @ 30 lbs (medium/tough)
Chest Press: 2 sets 10 reps @ 50 lbs (medium/tough)
Ab Crunch: 2 sets 10 reps @ 40 lbs (trivial -- try 60 lbs next time?)
Weight: 332 lbs

...and then I slept like a rock. It was very nice to get back and do a full routine again! I'm looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.




I thought I had something else interesting to say here, but it appears I was mistaken. Oh well! We now return you to your regularly scheduled YouTube videos and other random bits of silliness.

-The Gneech
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