December 24th, 2001


Cheer the fuck up, dammit. >:E

I'm not always the happiest of people myself; I'm the first one to admit that. But for crying out loud, is it too much to ask to have just one day where isn't some crying, clinging person wanting to tell me how their life is OH SO HORRIBLE, particularly when said people are generally healthy, decently-situated young people who've never had, for example, somebody try to blow them to bits?

I think that in some ways, this is the real tragedy of prosperity -- it creates a culture of busybodies and crybabies.

I get depressed from time to time about my life situation; everybody does. But there's a difference between being blue one day or even one week, and habitually treating every little setback as the worst tragedy that could befall mankind.

At least, when I am depressed, I _know_ that it's for relatively shallow reasons -- and that on the grand scale of things, I've got it GREAT. There are very few people I know who actually have honest-to-God tragedy in their life and, as a group, they generally handle it a lot better than a lot of people I encounter handle a slightly-bruised ego.

For the record, folks, having to work to get what you want is NOT unfair; having to consider the feelings of others in your social interactions is NOT an injustice; living in a dangerous and occasionally-hostile world is NOT something that makes you special; and having to give people in society at large a reason to like you is NOT being mistreated.

And, most importantly, not having all the chips come your way is NOT the saddest disaster in the friggin' world.

I have noticed that I've become a lot more ruthless in this regard, lately. If somebody gets on my list of people who are just whiners, I just plain stop talking to them -- it's a lot of psychic effort and investment that's just sucked into the bottomless vortex of an emotional vampire. I'll devote my mental energies to more productive pursuits, thank you -- making people happy when I can, or at least giving a sympathetic ear to people who are actually CAPABLE of being comforted, and will cheer up with time.

I imagine this makes me a bastard in some people's eyes ... just like the way freeloaders resent it when their sucker gets wise and kicks them out. Well, that's too bad for them. Once upon a time, I wanted everyone to like me -- but I found that to be a hopeless desire and, paradoxically, led more often to people hating my guts. These days, I have a different priority entirely. Now, as far as I'm concerned, people can like me the way I am, or they can get knotted. It's time for other people to start having to earn _my_ attention and approval, not the other way around.

And here's a clue: constantly being upset about things that really aren't that bad is an excellent way to _not_ earn my attention and approval.

-The Gneech
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