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Because It Needs Remembering

Warning: This doesn't make sense if you didn't see the season opener of MLP:FIM.

Additional Warning: It also doesn't make sense if you did.

Earlier today, on Twitter...

@the_gneech: People give @mlp_Rarity grief about that rock...but how many people totally fell in love with the Companion Cube from Portal? #mlpfim #brony

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity "That Rock" has a name, you know.

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity You mean @mlp_Tom? I'm pretty sure that's some delusional Twitter user. ¬.¬

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom I think there's more to him than that.

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity I dunno ... there's a certain creepy "Party of One" vibe to @mlp_Tom ... could it be a @mlp_Pinkie sock puppet?

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie No, there's more than a bit of web ventriloquism.Within every rock beats the heart of a diamond

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie Since when do diamonds have hearts? (Insert joke about going to Club Spade here.) #PokerJokes

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie That's a cruel thing to say. I suppose next you'll say sacks of flour don't have hearts.

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie Ummm ... in my version of reality, they don't. Did you take the bus to creepytown? O.o

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie That's just not nice. :<

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie If sacks of flour had hearts, how could you bake without committing murder???

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie Isn't that where the phrase "delicious murder" comes from? Besides, Artichokes have hearts.

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie Artichoke hearts are metaphorical, not literal. And murder is the ultimate "not nice"!

He didn't have an answer for that one!

-The Gneech

PS: Addendum! Frosty just followed up with this:

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie okay, fine. But I still vote that Tom has some diamond in him.
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