January 4th, 2002



As I branch out as an artist, it is going to have to be sooner or later that I deal with this topic, and so I might as well start putting some thought into it now:

What about erotica?

I have already had requests for erotic art done of various characters from SJ, which I've refused as a matter of policy. I'm not against erotica; in fact, some of my favorite artists are known largely for the erotic nature of their work. However, Suburban Jungle isn't the place for such things ... because the moment you let it in, suddenly it takes over.

But what about on rumblepurrlion.com? Should I open up the can of worms there, figuratively speaking? What happens when I post ten non-erotic pictures and one naughty one ... does the naughty one get lots of pageviews and the rest get ignored? And how would I feel about that if it happened? I've heard reports from other furry artists that their non-yiffy artwork sits on the shelf unbought, while their yiffy stuff sells like hotcakes.

There is also the matter of privacy. Drawing erotic art is something like letting the outside world into some of your most private thoughts ... do I really want to show everyone what goes on in the Adult Movie Theater of my mind? The Vanity Fair/MTV crowd already assume that furry is about sex* ... do I want to give these bozos something else to point and snigger at?

Like I say, I enjoy erotic art and I'd probably enjoy creating some ... but I don't want it to take over. I don't want to end up like a fur I encountered who felt trapped into doing erotica because it paid and nothing else did. I'd like it to be just one of many topics addressed in my work.

-The Gneech

*Furry isn't about any one thing, unless you want to say it's about life. The fact that sex is a big part of life shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone ... so the fact that sex is a big part of furry, only makes sense. But other fandoms have just as much strange stuff going on ... I have it on good authority that there are some very prurient interests among the Transformers fandom, for instance. ;)
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