January 6th, 2002


More MTV Fallout *GRRRRRRRR*

All right, this is just obnoxious...


Cause laughter is the best medicine...

Introducing something Band New and Different!
The first annual...
The very first ever

March 8th - 10th 2002
Orlando, Florida

Focusing on independant and amature entertainment through the use of
Funny Animals.
Meet others who love and want to learn more about things like mascotting,
costuming, cartooning, roll playing games, anthro-art, puppeteering,
internet TV shows, And More!

"FUNNY ANIMAL ART"- Your chance to bring your sketchbooks, show off and
trade some of your own cartooning and anthro art in a special lounge area
called "Artists Alley"! There will also be drawing sessions from profesional
and amature cartoonist.

"MASCOT COSTUMES"- This is your chance to show off your very own mascot
costume in a live stage performance to the rest of the convention. Also
learn how to make and perform your costumes from others in special seminars!

"PUPPET SHOWS"- Show others who love to puppeteer, puppets you have and
preform with. Learn how to puppeteer and even partake in a puppet
preformance at special seminars! There will also be a preformance from the
"Funday PawPet Show" starring the whole cast, Live!

"COMPUTERS"- Learn and talk to other techs on many great and easy ways
to put on a show, draw cartoons and play games using a computer!

This is just the beginning! There will also be dances, rollercoaster and
theme park trips, A movie room showing popular favorite themed films. A
gaming room for the best in roll playing games, Improvisational comedy
seminars, musical seminars and shows, and lots of places to just relax and
make tons of new friends! And MUCH MUCH MORE!

It will be a weekend packed full of GOOD CLEAN FUN!
organized in part by independent fans of funny animals,
and proudly endorsed by "The Funday PawPet Show."
To learn more, go to ....

This is totally a news, press and media free event.


Look, a furry event that somehow manages to avoid using the word "furry" even once! Let's just erase that embarassing name, "Furry Spring Break," and put another thing in the same time and place.

Neither Vanity Fair nor MTV managed to make me feel bad about anything in the furry community -- but this does. As much as I like the pawpet show and the people behind it, this just plain pisses me off.

This is almost as stupid as "We're not 'trekkies,' we're 'trekKERS,'" but is a lot more irritating.

-The Gneech
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Okay, I'm Calm Now

I've chilled out enough now that I can go ahead and watch tonight's pawpet show ... but I was pretty POed this morning.

-The Gneech
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