January 13th, 2002


Good Day, Good Day

Today was very nice all around. Laurie and I saw "Kate and Leopold," which was a pleasant "light romance" movie. Hugh Jackman was very good; Leopold is a very different character from Wolverine. I think he's got a great future ahead of him, and I envy his looks and voice in totally unhealthy ways. Meg Ryan was the same old Meg Ryan who's been in every chick flick ever made. If you like Meg Ryan, well, you'll get more of the stuff you like. If you don't like Meg Ryan, well, don't expect any respite from her here.

I also watched the Funday Pawpet Show while hanging out in #pawpet in character as Drezzer ... my favorite Sunday night activity. The show was extra good tonight, and followed up by a special segment they did as part of their "Give Kids the World" charity work. They really are wonderful, special people, for all I was annoyed at them last week.

Uncle Kage also told me that he was quite pleased by my response to the FPS list, so apparently we're all a big happy family again and life is good.

There was only one thing that marred my day a bit, and it was minor. LK, in response to my little teasing note that I'd bought him a present, apparently jumped in his car and came down to Virginia, and is even now spending the night over at Camstone's place.

LK, I love you like a brother, really I do ... but I don't even want my brother to drop by without warning. If you want to visit, that's great, I'd love to see you -- but you need to arrange it in advance. I have been known to refuse to open the door for people who "just dropped by."

I'll probably try to catch him for a bit before he goes back in the morning, because I would like to see him. But I was a tad miffed to get home and find a message announcing that he was on the way. I had to draw tonight, and it's also Pawpets night ... both of which are not really group activities.

-The Gneech
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