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January 29th, 2002


Up in the dark and off to BWI; 95 very scary, thanks to giant trucks who ignore little things like ... the law...

Contintental was nice, but the seat did bad things to my spine. Stopover in Houston, where I had a "personal pizza" from "Pizza Inn," a restaurant that looks like a Pizza Hut, quacks like a Pizza Hut, and is on the razor's edge to get a lawsuit up the nose. Pizza was good, for what it's worth.

A stopover in the candy shop for some chocolate (mmm ... chocolate) showed up my cultural blinders. Used to the population in NoVA, I assumed that the very nice woman at the cash register was of Korean or Vietnamese descent until I suddenly had a little light go on. "Duh! Houston! She's Mexican." So much for my smug sense of multiculturalism.Continued...Collapse )


Friday is largely a blur in my mind; every con is a whirlwind of experiences and images, but for some reason, this one seems to be even more so than usual.

Morning began early -- 6:30 CA time, or 9:30 my native time; so I almost felt like I got to sleep in. Going to bed at 2 a.m. is a fairly common occurrence in my life, so going to bed at 11:00 CA time felt like life as usual.

The hotel restaurant was a pleasant surprise. I had heard grumblings about food being a problem last year, so I was shy of going in, but the prices were not that outrageous as hotel prices go, so I gave it a shot. I got their cheap two-eggs-and-meat breakfast, which was more breakfast than I could eat, and came to about $9.

I went to the "Creator's Lounge," basically a quiet room where people can sit and draw or write or whatever, and did a new badge for Snap E Tiger. Vince came down and met me there, and started drawing a little "I do this, I don't do this" sign, so I got to watch him at work.Continued...Collapse )
Breakfast care of Level Head and Mrs. Level Head again, with more pangs of awkwardness. I seem to remember that either Vince or T'Chall was with us, too, but since I didn't have a chance to make notes, I can't remember now. Although there were tracks I was interested in, I decided instead to spend as much time as possible in the Dealer Room, keeping Thomas company and doing sketchies and badges for lunch money. I was particularly flattered by Kage playing "stuttering fanboy" as he asked for a sketch. I told him I'd do one if he bought me the cup of coffee he's been threatening me with for months; he said I should meet him after the story hour and we'd do it then.

Charity Auction time! As usual, a cameo in SJ was up on the block, as well as a VERY nice piece that Vince had been drawing most of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, of a tiger and a wolf being playful at a car wash. T'Chall, who'd already got me to do a sketch for him (as well as commissioning some pieces from me which I _still_ owe him), won the commission, for $375! You rule, T'Chall! Have I ever mentioned that?Continued...Collapse )
Finally, a day where there's nowhere I have to be if I don't want to! So I can sit in the Dealer Room and just hang out.

Going down to breakfast, I fully intend to buy my own for a change, only to have T'Chall pop up and buy it instead. But! Pics ... commissions ... charity auction ... sigh. Okay. But I'm going to get struck by lightning, I just know it. I particularly know it after Uncle Kage comes in, miffed about being stranded with a Cherry Coke. Whimper.Continued...Collapse )

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