February 3rd, 2002


Keeping Score

For being a "paid member" of LiveJournal (sponsored by my colorist, Hikaru -- thanks, dude!), I got seven codes to bring new people on board. So far, I've used five of them, to bring on board:

They are all unique, very interesting people whom, with the exception of Frisk, I have met thanks to The Suburban Jungle. (Frisk I met in high school, through another friend whom we both still hang out with. Anyway...)

Looking over them, I see that they all have one thing in common: creativity. As I think about that, I realize that this only makes sense, because creativity is one of the qualities I really admire in people. So when finding my place in the world, finding people I want to associate with, creativity is one of the big criteria I look for.

The other thing that strikes me is their variety. I'll let you read their journals for all the personal details you wish to glean, I won't profile them all here. Let's just say that they are all very different from each other ... but I like 'em all, and I like to see how their differences result in different ways of looking at the world, and different ways they go about their lives.

What can I say? People are fascinating. :)

-The Gneech
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Oh, and Another Thing...

I have noticed a trend in LJ posts, of people wondering why they're not getting comments on their posts! Well, it's actually very simple ... you need to go forth and find other people's journals that interest you, and comment on what they say! Then, as you pique their interest, they'll add you to their friends list, and begin to comment on what you say in return.

The same thing holds true for any endeavor where you want to get attention. When I first started promoting my comics, one of the most successful means I found was to just be an active participant in various forums and such, with links to my stuff prominent displayed in every comment I made. People are naturally curious, and when someone catches their interest, they want to find out who that person is, and what they're all about.

-The Gneech
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I Miss Turning Away Work :P

I used to have no trouble whatsoever finding a job.

I used to have people call me up and offer me jobs out of the blue.

I used to think about whether I should stay at the job I had, or jump ship to a higher-paying job with longer hours.

I used to have money.

I wonder if this is what the depression was like?

I sent off a ton of resumes tonight ... but I've been sending off tons of resumes since August, with no luck.

I applied to the new Starbucks being built across the street, that has a huge "Now Hiring" sign up out front. They haven't responded.

Borders said their corporate office said specifically not to rehire me. They wouldn't tell me why.

I'm feeling a bit put upon.

-The Gneech
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