February 8th, 2002


Somebody, Make Ethangea Leave Me Alone for 24 Hours!

Sometimes, a project just grabs ahold of me and won't let me think about anything else ... and even just the action of trying to think about something else causes something akin to a spiritual pain. Some writers love it when that happens ... they feel "taken over by the muse" or lifted out of themselves or some such. Personally, I hate it; it feels remarkably like an addiction, and I hate feeling like I'm not in control of my own behavior.

Ethangea has done that to me in the past week; NeverNever and The Suburban Jungle have both been forcibly shoved to the wayside by this overwhelming desire to do this RIGHT NOW! -- and little things like schedules and commitments be damned. Le sigh. I have been happily puttering around on this setting off and on for over 15 years now ... why it has to suddenly flare up and take over my attention span right now, is beyond me. (I'm betting the Lord of the Rings movie had something to do with it -- damn those great-movie-making bastards!)

FWIW, NN and SJ have both done this to me in the past, as well, so they don't really have much room to complain, but I do feel bad about letting down the readers, and more importantly, letting down Vince, who is kinda depending on me to hold up my end of the crossover. I'll fix it somehow, as soon as I am back in the creative driver's seat, so to speak. Collapse )