February 15th, 2002


Some Things I'd Like

I'd like to take up kung fu again.

I'd like to be a much better artist.

I'd like to write and publish a great (not just good) novel.

I'd like to play D&D twice a week. I'd like to NOT be the DM any more for a year or so. I'd like to play out the careers of Gazeddor, Theran, and Faradawn from 1st to 20th level, then retire each one and go on to new characters I haven't even thought up yet.

I'd like to have made the right decision the first time, about many things.

I'd like to do my cartooning and enjoy it, without feeling eaten alive, or guilty about the fact that I don't have anywhere near as much stuff up as many other cartoonists.

I'd like to get paid a livable wage for doing what I'm good at, instead of having to force myself to get good at what will pay a livable wage.

I'd like it if God wasn't so ding-dang secretive all the time.

I'd like the freedom to say what I really think, do what I really want, and act on how I really feel, without having to worry about all the negative consequences.

I'd like to have an "instant refreshment" pill, so I could stop spending so much time asleep.

I'd like to be more content with what I have, instead of always wishing for what I don't.

-The Gneech (I'd like people to stop mispronouncing my nickname.)
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