February 18th, 2002



More Starbucks today; started working the bar. Enjoyable enough. Had one too many mochas tho ... spent the rest of the day with a headache. Camstone came through the drive through, the silly fox. :) He had Sandy with him ... it was nice to see her again, even if it was briefly and through a window...

Good news ... both SJ and NN will be updated tomorrow! (Woohoo!)

Talked to Laurie about the possibility of moving to a much smaller place and other budget-cutting possibilities in order to write full-time while we both live off her salary ... but after the fact, wishing I hadn't said anything. I want to stand on my own two feet. She says that if I was committed to doing it, she'd be fine with it. But I wouldn't. I don't know why the idea comes forward from time to time, when I always have the same reaction afterwards.

I dunno, maybe this is why I like fantasy. It's simple. "There's the badguy. CHOP! Yay, good for you!"

Ah well. G'nite.

-The Gneech
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Day No. 11,816 of ~29,220

I've been alive 11,816 days. If you assume a lifespan of 80 years, I've got 17,404 days left, barring accidents.

I spent day no. 11,816 working at Starbucks, surprise, surprise. I've already got people treating me as if I was an assistant manager ... I trained someone on registers today, even though I haven't actually been trained on it myself. One of my coworkers asked me about being a graphic artist, and I told him about that ... he was shocked to discover that I'm 32 ... he said he was expecting me to be in my early 20's. I guess it's my round celtic face.

If you divide 11,816 by 29,220, you find that I've used up approximately 40% of my life. That's a saddening thought ... I like being alive, and I don't want it to go away! (Yes, there were dark times during my depression when I wanted it to just be over right then and there ... but that was the depression, not me.)

FWIW, I believe in reincarnation. I don't know why I believe in it; it's just what I've believed as long as I can remember. My mother tells me that when I was very young, I used to tell her about things I did "before I was born," in great detail ... including details which she couldn't think of any way for me to know at that age ... and that I used to give her the creeps. So when the clock runs down on this life, I am working on the assumption that it'll just reboot and I'll start a new one. But the problem is, and always has been, that I don't seem to remember the lessons I learned in one life, when I'm in the next one.

Erf. Thinking this way always leads me on to topics I've been asked not to talk about. Have I mentioned that I hate secrets?

Anyway, tomorrow's my day off. Woohoo! :) Think I'll spend it working on my comics. G'nite, all!

-The Gneech