February 22nd, 2002


Caramel Frappuccino, Cartooning Policies, and Jazz

Yesterday, the drive-through at Starbucks was just nuts. Everyone in the universe, and a few visitors from other universes I think, came through the drive-through and ordered at least one and usually 2 - 5 caramel frappuccinos. Nothing else. No coffee, so pastries, no tea or tazoberry ... just oceans and oceans of caramel frappuccino. The caramel smell was enough to knock you down after a while! Oy. Thanks goodness I have today off at home.

As of this week, I am instituting a new cartooning goal: that by Saturday midnight, all the strips for the following week (both SJ and NN) will be drawn and posted, or at least sent to Hikaru (i.e., katayamma) for coloring. I am getting really sick of all these missed days. I'm spending all of today and whatever time I have tomorrow night working on next week's strips, to get them out of the way. Then, in the future, if I can get the strips done before Saturday, I can use the rest of that week to write, play games, work on D&D, or whatever.

Once pay starts rolling in, I need to add a few tunes to my jazz collection. I have a lot of swing classics, particularly of Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw, but I really want to get recordings of:

  • Louis Prima's original "Just a Gigilo"
  • Take Five
  • Classical Gas
  • Popcorn
  • Alley Cat
  • The Syncopated Clock
  • The Music Box Dancer

There's also a song I haven't heard in a long time, but would like to find, called "The Tennessee Birdwalk." I have no idea who did it, unfortunately.

Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to transmit electronically at the moment. Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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NeverNever EverEver?

Well, I finally got today's NN up, only 13 hours late. I don't know why it took me all day just to draw that one strip! I've got a long way to go to get my "everything done by Saturday midnight" goal achieved for this week, and I work six hours tomorrow. Oh well, as long as I can get _most_ of it done beforehand, I'll be able to pick up the slack during the week next week and then get into my groove.

Shatner Mode On

Must ... not have ... any more hiatuses!

Shatner Mode Off

Oh look, I'm late to go pick up Laurie from work. Gawd, I hate clocks.

-The Gneech
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Good, Bad ... I'm the Guy With the Pen

Well, the bad news is that there's no way I'm going to make my Saturday deadline.

The good news is that something way cool popped up not-quite-out-of-the-blue, which is taking my attention instead.

The bad news is that I have to go to work during the day tomorrow, and won't be able to work on the cool thing then.

The good news is that the cool thing has until Monday or so to be finished.

The bad news is that I still have to draw strips for Monday. Collapse )
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