March 10th, 2002


Ring! Ring! Ring!


ME: Herromph?

HIM: Hello, John? This is J---- from Starbucks. I wanted to find out if you could come in a little earlier, as I'm feeling a little under the weather. I won't be in today, and the told me at the store you were going in at eight--

ME: Nine. I'm going in at nine.

HIM: Yeah, nine -- but if you could go in a little earlier...

ME (looks at clock): I can probably get there by eight.

HIM: Okay, yeah, that should be okay. Thanks. I'll call them back. Bye. *click*

ME: Ermmmph. (goes back to bed for 15 last minutes of sleep ... the cool dream does not resume, however)

-The Gneech ("Gonna be a long day.")
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The evening shift decided they didn't want to come in today, either, so I stayed late.

I'm quite thoroughly exhausted.

However, I'll have 43 hours this week, so I'll get some overtime pay. Yay. :)


-The Gneechzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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