March 12th, 2002



Kids have it easy, in this respect: all they have to do is obey.

Granted, this isn't always easy in and of itself, but it's basically a binary decision: obey, or disobey. And assuming reasonably disciplined parents, it's a fairly easy choice, because to disobey brings punishment, while to obey brings rewards. Collapse )

Just a Web 'toonist...

(To the tune of "Just a Gigolo" by Louis Prima)

I'm just a web 'toonist
a tough way to exist
to work a job that
just ain't payin'

Draw until the dawn
until my mind is gone
oh, what they're sayin'

And then one of these years
I'm all out of idears
what'll they say about me?
When the end comes, here's the gist:
I was just a web 'toonist,
and life goes on, without me.

'cause I ain't got no money
and nobody pays for me
I'm so friggin' hungry
won't some fanboy buy some lunch for me?
'cause I ain't been fed

And I'll draw cute pictures, oh
all of the time
they will only be, only only be,
spoofs, satires and pop, pop shlock

Yeah I ain't go no money
and nobody pays for me
I'm so friggin' hungry
won't some fanboy, some sweet fanboy
buy some, buy some lunch for me?
'cause I ain't been fed

(fades out)

-The Gneech

"Okay, We're Lost. But We're Making Good Time."

Pretty ordinary day today, workwise. (Is that a word?) However, there were a couple of highlights. Specifically, Matt (the store manager) stopped me at one point to tell me that at a "Manager's Status Update" meeting yesterday, the regional manager asked for some recommendations for good candidates for internal promotions, and that I was one of the names he gave. He said I probably wouldn't hear anything about it for at least a month or more, but that he just wanted to keep me informed.

So, "Yay, me." :)

Also, Christian, tonight's shift supervisor, told me that I did great work today, and particularly complimented my customer service skills. I'm not sure how much was sincere, and how much was his standard "good-natured irony" (he's the sort of person who seems to "put everything in quotes" if you know what I mean), but I know that he at least based his comment on reality. So, "Yay, me, again." :)

I wonder if any of this means I'd be making more than $20k before the end of the year staying at Starbucks. (Oy. I miss making $45k.)

-The Gneech
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