March 15th, 2002


Takin' Five :3

Yesterday, I just had a "do whatever I feel like doing" day. There were some chores mixed in, and in the evening I had to draw SJ of course, but most of the day was unstructured floating, which is a luxury I rarely give myself.

Once the day was done, I discovered that I had written a few pages' worth of my new story idea, found a potential new market for my work, and drawn and colored SJ. That's a lot to get done, when you aren't doing anything!

Of course, there's all the things I didn't get done yesterday, such as resolving the VEC stuff, finding a job, and getting SJ done in time for Hikaru to color it instead of me ... but what the hey. It was a day off.

-The Gneech
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Random Abuse, I'm Used To. Random Praise Makes Me Itch.

I dunno, either my boss's fight with his girlfriend last week had a deeper effect on him than he let on, or he has an eccentric management style. Today, he randomly said to me, "John, you are a handsome and talented man."

Uh, okay ... thanks? But I'm married, and you're not my type. Collapse )
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