March 16th, 2002


More Thoughts About Louis Prima

Well, not Louis Prima himself, exactly ... just a random thought that struck me while I was listening to Just a Gigolo again.

I was thinking, specifically, of towards the end of the song, where he starts to "fall apart" in a kind of desperate cry about "There's nobody! Nobody! There's no one! Nobody cares for me!"

It's all part of the show, of course, but what I admire is the way he just lets it all out. I have only seen a few bits of footage of Louis in performance -- he is one of those people who seems to have been animated a lot more than he was actually filmed. (The character of "King Louis" was written into Disney's Jungle Book specifically as a vehicle for him.) His trademark routine was, at the climax of the show, he and his band (which usually played nightclubs) would go walking in a giant circuit around the audience, ruffling audience members' hair, flirting with the pretty ladies, and so forth. Collapse )